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Collecting donations

Well, still no word on a confirmed court date for our family, but we’re hoping to travel sometime the week of July 19th-25th.  So with that in mind we’re trying to collect donations to take with us.  If you live close feel free to drop any of the items listed below off at our home, or bring them to us at church.   Here’s a list of a few things the orphanages are always needing:

  • Formula -this is a pressing need and we want to take as much as possible
  • Diaper wipes
  • Medical gloves
  • Common medical supplies- children’s tylenol and ibuprofen, triple antibiotic, lice treatment, ring worm treatment, children’s vitamins

And thanks again everyone for doing something to help orphans!


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Thank You. . .

How does a family say thank you when they don’t know who to thank?  Maybe I’ll just have to share, in hopes that you’ll read this and know that you were a very very specific answer to pray for our family this week.

As you may know we have all our paperwork submitted to court and expect to receive official word next week that we’ll travel soon.  However to do so we needed to pay our final program fee of $1350 along with the $5-$6,000 dollars to travel and stay for a week.  Well, this past week I emailed our family coordinator to see if we could wait to make our $1350 payment and try to pull together the funds for traveling.  She said that unfortunately we could not and that our case would be delayed should we not be able to make our final program fee payment.  I asked that the staff please pray for our family and she graciously said that they would.

Throughout this entire adoption we have seen God meet need after financial need in the most amazing ways as people have sacrificially and generously given to help us pay adoption expenses.  Today we walked to the mailbox and opened a letter with no return address, inside was a bank issued check, signed by someone we don’t know, in the amount of $1,300, and Adoption Costs written in the memo line!   Can we not say today that our Heavenly Father LOVES the Orphan?!?!  That He rejoices in rescuing the perishing?!?!?  That He desires that 2 children no longer sleep in an orphanage with no one to tuck them in tonight, with no one teaching them to read, wiping their skinned knees, and most importantly passing on the gospel that they can be adopted into His forever family!

So. . . thank you.  Thank You.  THANK YOU.  You have provided a tangible evidence of God at work!

“Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for orphans and widows in their troubles, and refuse to let the world corrupt us.”  -James 1:27


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ET or Bust!!!!

Just a second for a quick update. . . our paperwork has been submitted for court in Ethiopia!!!!  What does this mean???  It means we are planning a trip to ET to meet our children in 3-4 weeks!  Say what?  Yes, if all goes well we should be leaving Very SOON to fly to Ethiopia to meet our precious children and attend a court hearing.

How is this possible?  Because of the generosity of so many of our family, friends, and even those we don’t even know that well.  God is providing left and right for this to take place!  The auction was a huge success and such an encouragement to our family.  We raised just over $2500 during the evening.  And we are preparing for the online portion of the auction in just a week or so.  Be prepared to receive some info on that soon!

How else do we see the Lord at work?  This morning we received a call from Lifesong for orphans.  They have agreed to set up a fund for our family where people can donate in a tax deductible way!  Does the Lord work at just the right time or what?  We’ve updated the Funding our Adoption page for those interested.  We have almost made all our payments to AWAA and just have about $1700 left to pay in program expenses.  Then all we still have to raise is our travel costs.  We are anticipating how God will show Himself faithful yet again!

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers, and thank you for all your support!


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Adoption Front Update. . .

Well folks, its been a while and so we thought it about time for an informative update on the Taylor family adoption.  Aren’t you soooo excited???  Its been a wonderful few weeks since we received our first referral of an adorable little boy.  We have been praying for this little dude for over a year as we’ve seen him on our adoption agencies waiting child list and are rejoicing that we will be able to give him a forever family!   We don’t have any new news of a second referral yet, but continue to wait and pray for a girl or boy in the 0-4 yr old range.   Please pray for wisdom for our family as we wait, and for our agency as they match us with a child.

A few people have asked what the process looks like for us over the next few months and so we wanted to take a minute and explain what might happen with our family.  Currently we are fundraising so that we will be able to submit our paperwork to Ethiopia and accept our children’s referral.  We are hosting a silent auction on Saturday June 19th.  More info to come on this, it should be a wonderful night!   We are also planning Fun-runs and walk-a-thons throughout the summer.  Please leave a comment if you’re interested in hosting one in your area.

So here’s the potential time line:

  1. Complete dossier paperwork and bring to Richmond for state certification – Goal this week!
  2. Turn in dossier along with payment to AWAA – Goal next week (needed $7500)
  3. Dossier will be reviewed and taken to the State Department and Ethiopian Embassy for authentication.  Then it will be sent to Ethiopia for translation – 1st or 2nd week of June
  4. We’re praying our immigration paper arrives by the end of June so that we can submit for a court date!  Please pray with us! (we will need $8850)
  5. If we are granted a court date in July we will fly to Ethiopia to attend the court hearing and meet our children (airfare & travel = $5,000)
  6. There is a chance we will not receive a court date in July and be caught in the Ethiopian court closures (kind of like the senate recess) for 8 weeks in August and September.  We would then make the first trip to Ethiopia in October to meet our children and attend court.
  7. IF we attend court in July we will stay one week and then return to the USA and wait for the embassy investigation and processing of our children’s paperwork.  We should be able to return 6-10 weeks later (Sept or Oct) to bring them home!  IF we don’t travel for court until October we would then stay the one week, return to the USA and go back to Ethiopia most likely in December to bring our children home.  This second trip is more expensive because we will be paying for our children’s visas and flights back to the US. (needed approximately $7,000)

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers.  We are so excited to introduce our new children to our friends and family.  What a gift you are to all of us!  We will be able to post pictures once we have officially passed court in Ethiopia.

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Taylor Family Fundraisers

We are gearing up for 2 specific fundraisers in the next month or so to help us raise the remaining necessary funds to cover our adoption expenses.  If you’re looking for a way to help out read on and we think we’ve got some pretty fun ideas!

First, we will be holding an  Auction on Saturday May 22nd ***UPDATE: WE HAVE CHANGED THE DATE TO JUNE 19TH ***.  We wanted to get the word out now.  Everyone is invited to come and I’ll be posting all the details here shortly.  But we’re also looking for some AWESOME items to auction off.  Soooooo. . . I’m just saying that if you’re crafty, have a personal business, can make up a gift basket, or have a special service, or a vacation home/time share that you’d like to include in the auction we’re gladly accepting those items! =)  Its a great way to care for orphans and help our family bring two children in desperate need of a family home.  Please leave a comment if you’re interested in contributing.  This is going to be a unique auction in that we will allow some items to be bid for online prior to the event.  This way people from all over the USA can participate.  So be thinking how you might be able to involve people in your own sphere of influence, and if you don’t live close by you can still get in on bidding for some of the fabulous items will have up for auction.

Secondly, we are searching for people who would be interested in hosting fun-runs in their area to raise support for our adoption.  Basically, we know anyone can run or walk for free, but often people get together for a cause and organize an event to raise funds for something.  Well to organize this event you would commit to finding 10 people who would raise at least $50 each and then meet together on a day of your choice and run or walk a certain distance.  We will send you a flier about our adoption and how each sponsor is contributing to helping bring 2 of the worlds 147 million orphans into a family!   These events can be held anytime in May, June, or July.   Leave a comment and I will email you all of the information for organizing your event!

And again we have our t-shirt and coffee fundraisers listed here on our blog as well, feel free to always click and purchase a great t-shirt or some delicious coffee!  And as always. . . thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


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Fundraising . . . trusting in our Great God

This adoption has been marked by a noticeable lack of worry, and this is such an evidence of God at work.  This is remarkable since I remember worry and fear consistently troubling me throughout our adoption of Fikadu and Tigist.  I worried about their health, I worried about the adjustment to our family, I worried about their past, but mostly I worried about how in the world we were going to get the needed funds to complete their adoption.   While we are in a position to care for and provide for 2 additional children we have not been able to save the necessary funds to pay for this adoption upfront.  However, we felt despite this we were to move ahead in faith that the funds would be provided as we needed them.  I believe that seeing how amazingly our first adoption was provided for gave me hope that God would work in equally incredible ways to provide for this adoption.  We have already seen Him provide in amazing ways and are so grateful!

We are however in a position that we are asking our friends and family to consider making a contribution to help us cover the remaining expenses of bringing two new children home.  If you are interested in contributing in a financial way please let us know.  We are in the process of setting up a fund that will allow people to contribute via a licensed 501c3 organization and receive a tax-deductible receipt for your charitable contribution.  There are also other costs though that we will need to pay out-of-pocket for such as travel and visa fees so if you are not in need of the tax-deduction we also would be very grateful for any personal donations, and promise that every penny will be spent directly in helping bring our new children home.

We are in the planning stages of a fundraiser to hopefully be held in late May.  This will be a pancake breakfast with silent auction and raffle give-away.  If you are gifted with planning skills we could definitely use your expertise as we seem to lack in this area.  Also we’d like to organize regional Fun-runs to raise support in June.  If you would like to head up a Fun-Run in your area please let me know and I’ll give you some ideas of how I thought this might work.

Also please check out our Funding Our Adoption page for current information about when fees are due, and where we are at in the process.  And as an end note. . . we need another vehicle once our children are home, since our 4 person Neon just won’t fit a family of 6!  We are looking for a Suburban or Van in decent condition.  If you know of someone wanting to give one away (it possible, right?!), or find a ridiculously remarkable good deal on something like this please let us know.

And as always, thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you would consider giving to bring two children into a forever family.  When we told Fikadu and Tigist about their new brother we asked them what they would like to say to him.  The first words out of Fikadu’s mouth were, “Welcome home!  You have a family!”  How incredible. . . from a little boy who only 16 months ago was without a family, he knows the best words an orphan can hear.  What a day that will be when we can embrace two children and say, “Welcome home.  You have a family!”

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Celebrating a year of God’s Faithfulness!

One year ago today we landed at Dulles International Airport and since that day God has been unfolding His wonderful plan in our family!  Today we celebrate His faithfulness and take a day to recount all the joy we’ve experienced this past year!  Fikadu and Tigist – you are the children of our hearts, conceived many years ago, and born in our hearts out of love.  We are so grateful to God for you!

Click HERE to view our Year in Review Video.

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