The End. . .

Quite obviously a blogging sabbatical has taken place as we welcomed two children into our family.  And yes, Zegaye and Erbeka joined our family over Labor Day Weekend 2010.  Within the next month I hope to begin a new blogging venture, so if anyone ever still checks here hopefully soon a new blog will begin.

Thanks for reading over the past two years, and feel free to continue perusing the archives!

-Bethany Taylor



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2 responses to “The End. . .

  1. Andy & Becky

    Taylor Family – God bless you for an incredible testimony to God’s provision and all Glory be His for showing his Grace and Love through your journey. We have felt God tugging on our hearts for over a year and a half that we would travel the road of international adoption and provide, as you put it, “a place to tuck in the orphan.” Money has been the hinderance that keeps our hearts focused, but our feet still. Reading about how you have seen God’s provision show up by moving forward in Faith is such a blessings and stirs up inside of me a stronger resolve.

    God Bless your beautiful family – please lift us up in prayer as we look to begin this journey – that God would lead each step and each decision and that He would remain Faithful in His provision.

    Andy & Becky

  2. Christy Matías

    Thanks for the update! Even though I don’t know you, I check your blog for updates every so often. My husband and I are in the midst of adopting domestically, and we also live in Northern Virginia. It’s great to see how God has provided for you and added to your family!


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