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Adoption Front Update. . .

Well folks, its been a while and so we thought it about time for an informative update on the Taylor family adoption.  Aren’t you soooo excited???  Its been a wonderful few weeks since we received our first referral of an adorable little boy.  We have been praying for this little dude for over a year as we’ve seen him on our adoption agencies waiting child list and are rejoicing that we will be able to give him a forever family!   We don’t have any new news of a second referral yet, but continue to wait and pray for a girl or boy in the 0-4 yr old range.   Please pray for wisdom for our family as we wait, and for our agency as they match us with a child.

A few people have asked what the process looks like for us over the next few months and so we wanted to take a minute and explain what might happen with our family.  Currently we are fundraising so that we will be able to submit our paperwork to Ethiopia and accept our children’s referral.  We are hosting a silent auction on Saturday June 19th.  More info to come on this, it should be a wonderful night!   We are also planning Fun-runs and walk-a-thons throughout the summer.  Please leave a comment if you’re interested in hosting one in your area.

So here’s the potential time line:

  1. Complete dossier paperwork and bring to Richmond for state certification – Goal this week!
  2. Turn in dossier along with payment to AWAA – Goal next week (needed $7500)
  3. Dossier will be reviewed and taken to the State Department and Ethiopian Embassy for authentication.  Then it will be sent to Ethiopia for translation – 1st or 2nd week of June
  4. We’re praying our immigration paper arrives by the end of June so that we can submit for a court date!  Please pray with us! (we will need $8850)
  5. If we are granted a court date in July we will fly to Ethiopia to attend the court hearing and meet our children (airfare & travel = $5,000)
  6. There is a chance we will not receive a court date in July and be caught in the Ethiopian court closures (kind of like the senate recess) for 8 weeks in August and September.  We would then make the first trip to Ethiopia in October to meet our children and attend court.
  7. IF we attend court in July we will stay one week and then return to the USA and wait for the embassy investigation and processing of our children’s paperwork.  We should be able to return 6-10 weeks later (Sept or Oct) to bring them home!  IF we don’t travel for court until October we would then stay the one week, return to the USA and go back to Ethiopia most likely in December to bring our children home.  This second trip is more expensive because we will be paying for our children’s visas and flights back to the US. (needed approximately $7,000)

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers.  We are so excited to introduce our new children to our friends and family.  What a gift you are to all of us!  We will be able to post pictures once we have officially passed court in Ethiopia.


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For a Good ol’ Laugh. . .

So the kids and I were inspired by this blog and decided to put our $2.oo hula hoop into action.  Fun times were had by all. . . and continue on a daily basis.  Can I count this as a homeschooling activity???  Phys Ed – right? =)

So here’s the kiddos giving it a whirl on Monday

Here’s Joshua showing us all up that evening

And here’s where you better take a break and use the bathroom so you don’t have any accidents while watching my hilarious attempt which is ANYTHING BUT GRACEFUL.

And finally here’s the kids doing their spinning trick

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Green Thumbs

Well, Joshua and I both grew up in families that had large backyard gardens and we were both responsible for weeding and harvesting. . . However, I’m finding that just “being in a family” that had a garden, doesn’t make you an expert gardener! =)  There is so much to learn and know.  The community we live in has an area fenced off where families can rent raised bed garden plots, so this spring we’ve taken the dive and invested the $20 (rents it for the entire year!) for a 4×12 foot plot.  Since we’re a little behind the game and I didn’t get any plants started earlier in the spring we visited the local farmers market this morning for a bunch of seedlings.  The kids and I will head over to the garden this afternoon and plant them in.  But for now, here’s the photos of us digging up the rye that was planted in the bed and turning over the soil.  I’ve also added in picture of the flowers we planted in front of our house.  I think Grampy Blackstone will like the dahlias I’ve got in there, and Grandma Silvieus, its nothing compared to your master garden, but I think you’ll appreciate the colors!  Enjoy. . . more to come once we’ve planted our seedlings!

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And Here’s the finished product!  There are 4 types of tomatoes, jalapenos, banana peppers, green and red bell peppers, onions, beets, lettuce, swiss chard, zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers, and a watermelon.

And the kids herbs we planted in pots.


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Taylor Family Fundraisers

We are gearing up for 2 specific fundraisers in the next month or so to help us raise the remaining necessary funds to cover our adoption expenses.  If you’re looking for a way to help out read on and we think we’ve got some pretty fun ideas!

First, we will be holding an  Auction on Saturday May 22nd ***UPDATE: WE HAVE CHANGED THE DATE TO JUNE 19TH ***.  We wanted to get the word out now.  Everyone is invited to come and I’ll be posting all the details here shortly.  But we’re also looking for some AWESOME items to auction off.  Soooooo. . . I’m just saying that if you’re crafty, have a personal business, can make up a gift basket, or have a special service, or a vacation home/time share that you’d like to include in the auction we’re gladly accepting those items! =)  Its a great way to care for orphans and help our family bring two children in desperate need of a family home.  Please leave a comment if you’re interested in contributing.  This is going to be a unique auction in that we will allow some items to be bid for online prior to the event.  This way people from all over the USA can participate.  So be thinking how you might be able to involve people in your own sphere of influence, and if you don’t live close by you can still get in on bidding for some of the fabulous items will have up for auction.

Secondly, we are searching for people who would be interested in hosting fun-runs in their area to raise support for our adoption.  Basically, we know anyone can run or walk for free, but often people get together for a cause and organize an event to raise funds for something.  Well to organize this event you would commit to finding 10 people who would raise at least $50 each and then meet together on a day of your choice and run or walk a certain distance.  We will send you a flier about our adoption and how each sponsor is contributing to helping bring 2 of the worlds 147 million orphans into a family!   These events can be held anytime in May, June, or July.   Leave a comment and I will email you all of the information for organizing your event!

And again we have our t-shirt and coffee fundraisers listed here on our blog as well, feel free to always click and purchase a great t-shirt or some delicious coffee!  And as always. . . thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


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