Last minute Christmas ideas. . .

Do you still have some last minutes gifts you need to purchase? Consider giving a gift that will help give a child a family! We are currently selling fair trade coffee and t-shirts to raise funds for our next adoption. You can click on the links to the right and you will be brought to our store front pages for coffee or t-shirts. Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hello my name is Donna and we have two beautiful children that we have adopted our daughter is ten and from India and our son is 8 and from Thailand. We are probably going to start the process to adopt our third child from Ethiopia next week. We feel God is calling us to adopt a five to 6 year old child and we are super excited and nervous as well if I am honest. When our kids came home they were 21 mos. so the language barrier was not much of an issue.

    I saw your website and wanted to A. Tell you that your family is BEAUTIFUL and B. Ask if you have any advice as far as teaching our new son or daughter our language. Did you learn any of your babies language before you went? Did you use an interpreter or straight English Immersion. Thanks so much for your time. May God bless you in 2010 !!!

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