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Well I’ve officially gone for the longest non-posting spurt since starting the blog, but I’m back.  There are just way to many wonderful things I want to remember and share, and since I still stink at scrapbooking, this is my best alternative! 

Here’s some snap shots into what’s been taking place in the Taylor household:

Both children learned how to ride bikes.

may-june 09 075

may-june 09 072

We celebrated my first Mother’s Day!

may-june 09 097

may-june 09 100

Made a fun trip with friends to the National Zoo

may-june 09 132

Made a trip to Maine for Joshua’s sister Hillary’s wedding

may-june 09 145

The kids held their first bunny at the wedding reception

may-june 09 179

may-june 09 178

The kids and I stayed a week with my parents and Fikadu and Tigist were introduced to many family members for the first ttime.  They met 2nd cousins Jordan and Jacob.  Fikadu tried so hard to have normal boy conversations!  One of his memorable (and laughable) lines in the hot tub was, “Hey boys! Did you know polar bears eat penguins!”

may-june 09 229

Tigist liked a quieter relaxing soak!

may-june 09 298

Fikadu was enthralled with everything boy!

may-june 09 289

Tigist loved the playhouse

may-june 09 256

A favorite was four-wheeler rides with grampy!

may-june 09 193

I think we’re in trouble!

may-june 09 195

Fikadu was introduced to this. . .

may-june 09 251

Tigist had her first cornrows, compliments of very talented grammy!

may-june 09 204

Both kids were pumped about their first boat ride!

may-june 09 189

may-june 09 188

More to come. . .



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