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New Friends

We had such a great time at play group this morning, and its fun to watch F and T actually playing and using English with other kiddos.  Here’s Fikadu with his new buddy Isaiah wearing matching backwards Baseball caps!  Watch out world! 




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Today’s hiking adventure. . .

Just click on the individual pictures for a larger version.

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Photo update

Here’s some photos of things we’ve been up to. . .

Tigist and I now have weekly tea while Fikadu and Daddy have outside boy time.  Baby dolls are invited and the finest play china tea sets are brought out! =)


Saturday Evening we had dinner together at Meaza’s Ethiopian Restaurant.  This was so special for the kids, and we met up with 4 other families with children adopted from Ethiopia and 1 family in process or adopting.  The staff and management was so kind and adoring of all the kids.  I really can’t say enough great things about this restaurant!



Fikadu explained that School was VERY Kohnjo when we did this math lesson and requested we have these types of lessons everyday.  There used to be 5 Smarties there! 


Did you know that if you build one of these your kids will magically play for hours by themselves and share everything!??!  At least that is what happened at our house! =)


They’re intentionally making goofy faces.  You have to crawl through the coffee table to enter the fort.


Here’s Fikadu playing on his pretend computer.  Two books with a make-shift mouse.  This is day-2 fort play


Here’s Tigist looking out for intruders!


And some fun Family Videos for your enjoyment


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No that’s not a typo title, but as far as we can tell its how you say, “What” in Amharic. Tuesday’s dinner conversation revolved around what different things ate.  But it really began earlier in the day when I pulled into the gas station to fill up the car and the kiddos were in the back seat.  When the car was full and I was buckled in and ready to go, Fikadu says, “Mommy, Car mesa, mintin?”  Translation: “Mommy, what does a car eat”  I replied with – gas.  

So dinner unfolded with a hilariously downhill spiral of the kids listing off things and us answering.  Here’s some of the things they inquired about what they ate. . . 

Horses, sheep, dogs, cats, fish, snakes, pigs, ducks, etc, etc, etc because they now know probably as many different animals as your third grader does and they wanted to know who ate what and if they ate each other.

Then it got interesting. . . what do the following eat?

clouds, clothes, tables, grass, sky, trees, paper, books, crayons, letters, water, eyes, hair and so on and so forth.  You get the picture?  Kiddos trying to stump mommy and daddy while playing 101 questions.  

Fun was had by all.

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Biblical Approaches to Attachment

I’m planning on doing a follow-up to the previous post on this subject, and would really love to hear from some more people on their ideas.  Thank you Dr.  Arthur Becker-Weidman  for commenting as well.  My hope is to include your suggestions for improving attachment along with others professional advice  in my follow-up post.   It was interesting to receive the one comment about attachment disorders being bogus, and only diagnosed by a fringe group of specialist, it brings up some questions of how much weight we put into the opinions of doctors, and what we can perhaps look to deeply into.  More to come. . .

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English Acquisition: Revisted

Any guesses as to what my children were attempting to convey with the following words??  (I figured it out, I just thought it’d be fun to hear everyone elses interpretations)

Fikadu: “Mommy, upstairs water coming.”

Tigist: “Baby Jesus, Mommy kiss.”  (Hint: She’s pointing to something on her while saying this)


Fikadu was looking out the window and explaining that it was raining.

Tigist was pointing at a freckle.  Apparently they call freckles Mary Kisses in Ethiopia.


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Great Recipe

This recipe happened to show up on my daily calendar. (Thanks Lesa – great Christmas gift!)  The kids and I loved this easy to make delicious but not so nutrious treat!

Quick Carmel Corn

Mix together:

  • 1 stick melted butter/margarine
  • 1/4 cup white corn syrup
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda

Microwave on high 5-6 minutes

Pop 1 cup of popcorn kernels (air popper works best)

Place popcorn in a paper bag and pour carmel mixture over.  Shake bag and microwave entire bag one more minute.  Enjoy!

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