Update from Ethiopia

I’m currently typing from an altitude of about 30,000 feet. It is 7:30PM EST but 3:30AM Ethiopian time. We just took off from our 1 hour stop in Rome. For future travelers we left Dulles at 10:00AM and flew about 2.5 hours and then were served lunch. About an hour after the meal they dimmed the lights (so about 4 hours into the flight. They served a second light meal around 4:00PM US time and we landed in Rome at 6:00PM US (EST) Rome is 6 hours ahead so it was midnight in Rome. You do not get off the plane in Rome but do have an opportunity to stand up and walk around some. Once in Rome they switch you over to ET time which is 2 hours ahead of Rome or 8 ahead of EST.

So, about our day . . . This morning Joshua and I along with my parents were picked up by our friends Stuart and Lauren at 5:15 AM. We loaded our 8 suitcase and 8 carry-ons into two mini-vans and were on our way to the Dulles Airport. God was so kind in that we quickly got through check-in with no problems and easily breezed through security with no difficulties! Thank you all for your prayers!

Its crazy to think that in a matter of hours we will land in Ethiopia and be within miles of our children!!!! It will be difficult to wait until Monday for sure! Our flight is really not that full and we’ve had opportunity to lay out across 3 middle seats. The lay out of Ethiopian Airlines planes are 2 seat, 3 seats, 2 seats. The leg room is not great, but definitely sufficient, and the bathrooms are really small, but the service is great and the personal TVs are nice, and the fact that the flight is not full has allowed for some good sleeping!

That’s about all for now. It is 8:00PM EST and 4:00AM in ET and it appears we are going to be served some breakfast now. I think my internal clock is going to be pretty messed up! Please continue to keep us all in your prayers! *update* no breakfast just drinks. They turned on the lights about 6:30AM ET time and served breakfast then. For the record, if they give you a choice of an omelet or crepes, take the omelet!

On the ground and at Addis View Hotel – we landed right on time and it took about an hour and a half to get our visas. We met up with Robel and the driver and have finally made it to the hotel Definitely a cultural shock driving here, but we loved the uniqueness of our first impressions all the same. I’m struck with just how little I really know about the country my children have grown up in for the last 6 years, I have so much to learn!

We are being ambitious this afternoon and out for a tour of the city and maybe a stop at the National Museum. Trying to do all we can to fight the jet-lag and stay up for as long as possible so that we can get a good night sleep! Hopefully we can post more later. Thanks for all your prayers everything has gone so well so far!



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12 responses to “Update from Ethiopia

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  2. Christie White Gare

    Hey guys – praying for you…I had a dream about you both last night and meeting your kiddos, and I hadn’t even checked this website for a bit and didn’t know what day you would be getting there. The dream was all smiles and happiness! Praying for all you 4!

  3. It was so wonderful to be able to follow you on this journey. We are so excited for you and glad that the new Grandparents are making the trip too. ALL of y’all are in our prayers.

  4. Andrea

    Wow- you rock as far as posting. So great to see you are there!!!! YEAH!! Enjoy the day and the night of rest. Looking forward to following your week.


  5. Kathy

    Tears of joy as you are there to get your children!! I was just talking to a friend of mine who also adopted a child (now mother of two)from Ethiopia. A couple she knows just went over to pick up their two children and came back with four as they found out there were two other siblings……..and a grandmother. They are in the process of helping her get a visa so she can come over and visit with them in the next two years. I’m praying for you and your children as they leave their home to make a new beginning in yours.

  6. What a great trip so far! This was such a fun update to read. Lucky you for being able to lay across the seats… I LOVE it when that happens! Just wanted you to know I’m praying and following your journey!

  7. So glad you made it without complications! We’ll checking your blog for updates. Tomorrow you meet your chidlren!!

  8. Taylors, we are praying!!!
    Thank you for the amazing updates…we feel like we’re right with you:) Your words are so vivid!!
    This is it!!!!!!!!!!!! Monday will change your lives forever. We can’t wait to hear more & see pics!! Give Patty a big hug from us.
    Your YG family is praying for you all!!!

  9. Hello! I pray all is well with your family. Patty should be in Ethiopia by now. I pray they are able to get some rest.

    We’re praying for you all. We pray you have a great week!

    God Bless,
    Jason, Amy and Isabelle

  10. Have fun! 🙂 You’re in for a wonderful week!

  11. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    Grace and peace to you from our Lord in the upcoming days…

  12. I am so excited for you! I had tears in my eyes reading your last paragraph of your children asking daily about seeing you! Tomorrow will be a very special day for all of you. SOOOOO happy for you and I will be praying!

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