Funding Our Adoption Update

We are so close!!!!  I just updated our funding page and as you can see we are close to having everything paid for!  We will need to purchase our plane tickets and pay our travel fees around the middle of December.  So we have about 5-6 weeks to raise the remaining $8000.00.  We are willing to do baby-sitting or yard work for families close by.  And if you’re just to busy to do all that holiday baking, I’d be more then willing to bake, rolls, bread, pies, make side items.  Please just let us know.  Also if you have any other fund-raising ideas please pass them along. 

We also have a fund that was set up for us by Lifesong for Orphans.  If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution please leave a comment and I will forward you the information. 

Thank you to everyone who has given so far!  We are very excited to soon be able to post pictures and video of our kiddos for everyone to see.  We hopefully will pass court mid-December and then we’ll be able to share with the world our kiddos beautiful smiles!  It’s looking now like we will travel in January, so please keep us in your prayers as our paperwork is going through translation and court in Ethiopia.

Thanks and God Bless!



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3 responses to “Funding Our Adoption Update

  1. Please forward information about Lifesong donations. Thanks and Congrats! God is good!

  2. mom

    Will you travel and bake???

  3. Sara

    Praise God that he is doing this for you. What a blessing that you haven’t had to go into debt to adopt your beautiful children.

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