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A plethora of happenings

Well Folks, the Taylor Family is officially done paper-chasing for our kiddos!  Joshua and I spent our date night at Staples last week making our 3 sets of photocopies.  Our long-awaited I-171H came, and I headed to Richmond on Friday to get our shiny gold stickers that have the Virginia State Seal.  Monday morning I will drive our completed dossier to AWAA’s office and it will be brought to the US State Department and Embassy before heading off to Ethiopia on Friday.  God is so faithful! 

Making copies
Shiny Gold Stickers!

A huge blessing was that Mark and Katie Redfern were here to celebrate with us.  They headed off to Ethiopia on Friday to pick up their adorable little boy Judson Abraham Redfern.  You can follow their journey at

Mark, Katie, Bethany, Joshua

Finally Friday evening we celebrated by going out to the Ethiopia restaurant with our dear friends and their adorable daughter.  As a note their daughter was adopted domestically but I think everyone at the restaurant thought she was Ethiopian! =)

Brian and Anika



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Families traveling to Ethiopia

There are 5 families traveling to ethiopia this next week.  Here are the blogs of 4 of the families.  It will be wonderful to see their journey as they meet their children for the first time!

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I’ve got the golden ticket. . . I’m headed to VEGAS!

Well, not really.  I won’t be going to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory or Vegas anytime soon.  BUT I did receive a nice white piece of paper that looks like it was made on a 1970’s typewriter more formally known as the long-awaited, coveted I-171H!!!!!!  And with this fabulous piece of paper in hand (along with a few other hundred) I will be heading to Richmond on Friday to have all our documents certified by the Secretary of State!

We’re coming kiddos. . . only a short time now!


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God is VERY Good, ALL the time

If I ever had any doubts, and yes I’ve certainly had my days. . . please let me never forget God’s faithfulness and unending kindness.  If you have checked out our funding our adoption page recently you’ve seen that we still have a lot to save and raise for our adoption.  

A few weeks ago we received a matching grant from Lifesong for Orphans.  Basically they will match dollar for dollar given up to $4000 giving us the potential to raise $8000 towards our adoption costs.  Which is exactly the amount we still needed to send in our dossier, accept our referral, and request a court date, and all by the end of this month.

Well it is with much joy and in absolute humility that I can express that God has provided for our needs!  What I considered impossible, He considered possible, what I was hoping for, He exceeded!  Are you ready for this?  Our matching grant has been matched!!!!

For anyone who still wants to donate towards our adoption costs Lifesong has an account set up in our name and any gifts given to our account will be tax-deductible and you will receive a tax-deductible receipt.  Please leave a comment if you are interested and I will send you the information.  

This means that all we have remaining to raise is our travel costs to bring the children home!  This is still a large amount but as I’m learning and continually seeing, God loves to provide for our needs!  And more then that, God loves the fatherless, the orphan, the poor.  For a great video about what God is doing in Ethiopia click on the following link and watch the 2nd video presentation.  This video is part of the missions video put out by our church.  We can’t wait to visit Covenant Life Church in Addis Abba when we travel to Ethiopia.  Enjoy!


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Please Pray

This is a blog for a family that adopted with AWAA (our adoption agency)  Their 3 year old little girl is in surgery today for TB.  You can read all about it here:

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