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Adopting Miracles

Here is a link to a family who is in the process of adopting 4 (YES FOUR) children from Ethiopia.  This amazing family is following God’s prompting to provide a home to a sibling group that was not very likely to be adopted.  With this many children being adopted at one time there is a huge financial need and their 12 year old daughter has made some beautiful purses and scarves in an effort to help fund the adoption of her new siblings.  If you’re thinking ahead to Christmas presents this would be a fantastic way to buy a gift for a great cause!  Check it out here:


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Isn’t it so like God to just shower us with blessings, when each and everyday I have done nothing to deserve His kind faithfulness.  Even last night I was tempted to be overwhelmed with fear in our adoption journey.  Where will the remaining funds coming from?  How will we overcome language barriers?  Will I love my adopted children?  Will they love us? 

Joshua was quick to point us to God’s faithfulness towards us mainly in our salvation but then also in providing for all of our needs to date.  We have not yet been unable to pay an adoption expense!  God is so kind!!! 

Well, this morning (about 15 minutes ago) I received a call from Lifesong for Orphans and they have approved us for a matching grant!!!  Soon I will post all the details for anyone interested.  You can find out more about this amazing ministry though at their website

Essentially we have the potential through this grant to raise $8000 towards our adoption expenses.  God is truly so faithful!  He loves us and his precious children more then I will ever be able to comprehend!

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Decorating our home. . .

Note: copy post from our family blog  

Okay so here are the colors I’ve picked.  But pictures uploaded to a computer just don’t do justice!  Argh!

 paint colors

 So I’ve picked Green for the accent wall in our son’s room and we’re going to go with an Ethiopian Soccer theme. . . I think. =)  The Ethiopian flag is green, yellow, and red.  So a green accent wall, soccer balls, painting the furniture black and an Ethiopian flag on the wall.  We’ll see how it comes out!  

For our daughter I’m still debating between a yellow or purple accent wall.  I really could go either way at this point.  Naomi, a dear friend introduced me to the wonderful idea of wall decals. . . SO COOL!  I thought those great designs were always painted on walls, who knew they were stickers!  I’m still trying to decide on what kind of wall decals I like. 

Note to Mom and Melissa:  Either of you want to try to make some curtains for the kids room??? hint hint!  Or even a bed spread??? =)

Our living room and dining room is going to be basically a neutral tan through out with olive green accents.  These are the colors we’ve selected.  The green isn’t quite that bright in real life.

paint colors

I also found the absolute perfect color for the master bedroom.  We have these really nice curtains and I found a great paint color that goes well with it.  Again in the picture it looks a little gray, but its actually a muted greenish gray tone.

paint colors

So there you have it!!!  Now who wants to come help paint???  I’m thinking Columbus Day weekend!

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Update on our Adoption

Hello Friends!  So much is happening and I have not had time to update our blogs.  Summer has flown by and the change of fall is approaching very rapidly.  If you have a chance to check our financial page you will see that we have much to be encouraged about.  God is continuing to provide for us to bring our precious kiddos home! 

In August we participated in the church yard sale which brought in about $575 to our adoption fund!!!  Also a few families have had their pictures taken and made contributions to our adoption.  And on top of this wonderful people in our church and friends that we’ve had over the years have sent us gifts.  Another blessing that completely surprised and overwhelmed us came when someone offered to pay-off one of our cars!  Originally we planned on selling our neon to help us set aside additional money each month for our adoption and help allow me (Bethany) to stay home once the kids came.  With this surprise blessing we will have the extra money to set aside and still have a second vehicle!!!!

We’ve also sent out grant applications to Lifesong International, Gift of Adoption Fund, Ava’s Hope, and Shaohannah’s Hope.  Hopefully we will hear back soon on whether or not we were approved for an adoption grant. 

Our dossier paperwork is almost all done and ready to go!  We were fingerprinted by the USCIS office on August 12th.  We were told to expect our I-171H immigration approval 9 weeks after finger-printing.  This puts us at Tuesday October 14th, and boy are we counting down the days!!!  Once we have this coveted sheet of paper we can head to Richmond to have our paperwork state certified and then bring our dossier to our adoption agency to have it apostilled in DC.  From there it will be sent out to Ethiopia with a request for a court date to adopt the two kiddos referred to us!  We should hear if we passed court or not by the end of November. . . Then. . .  we’re off to Ethiopia to pick up our children!!!!!

We are slowly but surely getting settled into our new townhouse.  We have unpacked a lot of things but have not moved on to much decorating.  I desperately need some ideas for the kids rooms!  I’m not that fabulous when it comes to this area.  Any suggestions?

We got a wonderful update from some families that traveled to Ethiopia in August.  It appears on little boy has lost his front tooth, and our little girl is growing like a weed!  Joshua and I fear our 5’7 and 5’9 frames will be quickly passed by our children!

Well that’s all for now.  We are so thankful to all of our family and friends for your continual encouragement  and support of our adoption journey.  We seriously could not do this without you all and we’re so excited for our son and daughter to meet all the amazing people who helped bring them here!


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Born in September

You should check this out!

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