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Foto Fundraiser

Our caregroup at church has so kindly organized an incredible fundraiser for our adoption.  This fundraiser is specifically for people who attend our church.  For three Sundays in August a group of amatuer and professional photographers have agreed to take pictures of your children outside the church building after the Sunday meeting.  They will provide you with a cd of all the pictures taken for you to use as you choose.  Your photo session is completely free and they only ask that you make a contribution to our adoption. 

Please check out this link foto fundraiser flier for a copy of the flyer with all the information you need.



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A Fundraiser

We are just a few short months away from bringing our precious children home to their forever family!  If you haven’t recently checked out the Funding Our Adoption Page at the top of our blog please do in order to find out about our updated fee schedule. 

We are wanting to get as many children as possible involved in helping bring our kiddos home.  One way we are doing this is by having a baby bottle drive (or bottle of your choice)!  We are asking families with kids to fill a baby bottle up with spare change and any money your kids might want to donate out of their allowances.  Once the bottle is filled if a grown-up could take a picture of the kids with the filled bottle and send it to us with a check in the amount raised, we will be putting all the money raised this way towards the plane tickets for our kids to fly home! (about a $2500 expense)  Also, we will be posting the pictures with the filled bottles here on our blog, so that once our kids return they’ll know how much other children all over invested in helping bring them home! (Of course if you don’t want your kids picture posted we’ll just keep a physical picture to show them)

If your church would like to participate we have a word document with a short bio of us and how we were led to adopt that you can distribute to families in your church.  You can leave a comment here and we will send that document out to you.  

Thank you for helping bring together our forever family!

God Bless- Joshua and Bethany


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